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> Anyone care to take a guess as to the difference?
> The 12887A has a "erase" pin on the package, so even if there are no
> jumpers on the motherboard to erase the CMOS, you can jumper that pin to
> ground for a few seconds and Voila! Wiped settings.

To clarify that, that shorting withing futher steps do NOTHING. The
usual practice is jumper it and toggle power for few seconds then
power down and pull aside that jumper.

> a 12887A, or wait 10+ years for the battery to die. (even for that, the
> board's close to useless... once you turn off the 'puter, it'll forget all
> your CMOS settings.)

12B887 is same thing too as 12887A far as I can tell.

> PDF's of those parts are available from Dallas's website, which IIRC is
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