AT&T PC 6300 Plus Unix box

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Date: Wed Sep 29 23:48:50 1999

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> Yesterday I scooped an AT&T PC 6300 Unix machine on its way
> to the dumpster. Got it home, powered it up, and now I know
> why. It displays "Parity error on system board" and locks
> up.
> It seems to have 1MB of RAM, half socketed (36 81256's).
> So I yanked the socketed chips, and tried again. Then
> it did almost the same thing, but displayed a running
> count up to 512K before that parity message.

Does this box have a BIOS setup program onboard or must you use a
configuration disk? (if so do you have the disk?)

I'd try turning off the parity check on the unlikely chance that the parity
check itself is loopy . . . other than that, you've got a _lot_ of soldering
to do ;>)

BTW ISTR that one of our "customers" abandoned a 6300 in lieu of having it
repaired. Contact me off-list if you're interested & I'll dig it out of the
back room and check it out again.


Glen Goodwin
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