AT&T PC 6300 Plus Unix box

From: Bill Pechter <>
Date: Thu Sep 30 05:21:39 1999

> Does this box have a BIOS setup program onboard or must you use a
> configuration disk? (if so do you have the disk?)

Nope. No NVRAM either. Just a bunch of dip switches like an XT.
Check the NCR web site for info.

I had a 6300 and always wanted a 6300+. BTW, the story I heard is
David Korn wrote the Korn Shell on a 6300+ for System V.

It was used at AT&T as a single user development box for a while
until the workstations began to appear as AT&T's Bell Labs moved from
Vaxes and 3b's with BLIT's and 630 terminals to 7300's and later
to Sun Workstations.

> I'd try turning off the parity check on the unlikely chance that the parity
> check itself is loopy . . . other than that, you've got a _lot_ of soldering
> to do ;>)
> back room and check it out again.
> Regards,
> Glen Goodwin
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