floppy controller IC (was Re: Fixing a PET?)

From: Pete Turnbull <pete_at_dunnington.u-net.com>
Date: Thu Sep 30 18:53:20 1999

On Sep 30, 19:08, Tony Duell wrote:
> Subject: Re: floppy controller IC (was Re: Fixing a PET?)
> > I think that you are confusing DSHD and 96tpi which are not necessarily
> > the same thing. Most DSDD disks will format to 96tpi (720k on 5.25"),
> Odd... I've had a lot of problems doing that. In my experience, most 360K
> (DS 40 track) disks will not format to 80 tracks (and won't format on a
> Sirius, or a CBM8050, or...).

Interesting. I've *never* had *that* problem, except with disks that were
definitely defective (weren't reliable on any drive), although I had a few
really old ones that worked fine as SS but not DS.

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