floppy controller IC (was Re: Fixing a PET?)

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Date: Thu Sep 30 20:09:49 1999

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> > ISTR formatting DSHD diskettes to 360 KB in an emergency (we're talking
> > IBM-type pcs here) but only after hitting them with a bulk tape eraser
> > wipe them clean, and then using the proper DOS FORMAT parameters . . .
> Was this in a 1.2mb drive? I never tried that, only in a 360k drive.
> Hmmm! Interesting, I just tried it and it seems to work. Even wrote to
> it in a 360k drive and it was readable. Question is, how long?

It was in a 1.2mb drive (although others on the list will doubtless say this
can't be true). As for stablilty, this was a long time ago but ISTR reading
one of the disks a few weeks later.

Glen Goodwin
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