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Date: Thu Sep 30 18:49:34 1999

Grumpy Ol' Fred wrote:

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<< The 96TPI head can not do very good job of erasing or writing over the
 wide track. Some people claim success, but _I_ want better quality than
 that. >>

Hit 'em with a bulk tape eraser first.

<< This must be a new meaning of "successfully" of which I was not previously
aware. Did you store data on them?


<< Did you read the data?


<< Did the data last for more than a few days?


<< Do you CARE about the reliability of data?

Nah - just a bunch of 0s and 1s anyway ;>) Actually my concern is with the
reliability of the _media_ -- plenty of _data_ is crap regardless of the
nature of the media it's stored on . . .

Glen Goodwin
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