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From: John Rollins <rexstout_at_uswest.net>
Date: Sat Apr 1 20:08:32 2000

Yow! The things that happen to an overloaded email account... Well, I
finally started reading the digests for the list. I'm up to early
February now! Only a month left to catch up with.
Well, I finally found the perfect computer! It's an HP Vectra
486/25NI. When I was volunteering at the computer lab at
OMSI(http://www.omsi.edu/), my favorite computer was a Vectra 386.
They're just such cute computers! Well, here in Portland at the NW
PDX/Vaughn St. Wacky Willy's, they have probably two dozen Vectras of
various models(most are 486/25N or 33N) for $20 each. After looking
at them for a while, I noticed that the 25NI(the only one I saw, but
there may have been others) has a built-in 10Base-T ethernet port on
the back! Not only that, but it has an Overdrive socket that can
accept a 486DX2/66 or an Overdrive kit. Pretty good! It has 8MB RAM
and a 120MB hard drive, not too bad. It had Windows 3.1 on it, but it
would crash both when it started up(actually an unhappy mainframe
connection) and when it shutdown(Windows crash). I think they all had
Attachmate (I can't remember if those are 3270) network adapters in
them. Anyways, it got wiped and a fresh copy of DOS installed. Now
I'm happy, I finally have a useable PC(my PS/2 386's just weren't
good enough).
OK, so it's a bit new for you guys. They also had a Televideo
terminal and some HUGE IBM printer(I forget the model... coax
connector on back).
Now, to deal with my overcrowded basement. I need to get rid of some
stuff! To start off with, I have some terminals to get rid of. I
think I can dig out about 6 of them, maybe a few more I'm not sure.
They are the Wyse WY-99GT. Most of them are a little yellowed, but
they work fine. They're free for the taking, I just need some time to
find them all and match them with their keyboards. The only catch is
that you have to pick it up at my house in north Portland(just off of
I-5). Email me if you're interested and I'll let you know when
they're ready to go.
Back to reading another months worth of email digests...
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