Ersatz-11 V2.2 (PDP-11 emulator)

From: John Wilson <>
Date: Sun Apr 2 03:23:15 2000

A new version of Ersatz-11 is now available. V2.2 of the freeware Demo
version may be downloaded from as usual, and commercial users
with current update subscriptions (or ones that expired only recently) will
be mailed update disks tomorrow.

Probably the most interesting addition for hobby users is the new VT11
vector graphic display processor emulation. Yes, it runs the Lunar Lander
game. It also works nicely with the GT ON command in older versions of
RT-11, as well as EDIT.SAV's scroller mode. A copy of Jack Burness's Lunar
Lander game which is all set up to run under the emulator is available at:

Other changes which are visible even in the Demo version include the
SET CPU FIS and SET CPU EAE options, the Interlan NI1010A/NI2010A Ethernet
emulation, the built-in mini-assembler, and the overhauled manual.

The full commercial V2.2 release includes the above changes, plus it
adds a new DR11C/DRV11 emulation using TLC's DCI-1300 PCI board, which
is pin-compatible with the DR11C/DRV11. Also there's a new DH11/DM11BB
emulation, the RocketPort driver can handle ISA cards (used to be PCI only),
the SCSI disk driver can partition disks on any boundary, multiple serial
ports can be attached to the same emulated PDP-11 port (with duplicate
output and merged input), and the Q/Unibus adapter drivers allow subsetting
of the I/O page so you can have multiple adapters, to get a dual Q/Unibus
system, or two identical busses for distributing heavy DMA loads. The new
DMA-friendly BCI-2004 bus adapter is supported in addition to the older
BCI-2003/2103 and UPG-3600 boards. Also, the DEQNA emulation now supports
booting over the network.

Acrobat files containing the manuals for all three versions (Demo, Lite, full)
of E11 are available on the "Links" page on The Demo version's
manual .PDF file is also part of the self-extracting INSTALL.EXE archive, plus
it's available as a PostScript file at:

The E11/Linux port is nearing completion and will be released this summer,
however it will probably only be available in a commercial version.

John Wilson
D Bit
Received on Sun Apr 02 2000 - 03:23:15 BST

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