Mailing list archives? Questions...

From: Hans Franke <>
Date: Mon Apr 3 12:29:45 2000

> > Why not, this may be a possible solution - is there a chance to
> > opt in for unchanged address on both archives ?

> Do you mean changing/not changing addresses for individual messgage based
> on sender? Not in my simple world. The Mhonarc email-->html software is
> written in perl, so it'd be easy to implement special rules like
> that...but it's more than I want to do right now (I have enough on my
> plate).

Well, I see your point. Maybe just keep my request in mind
if you ever may find spare time to add the functionality.
I'd realy apreciate this service.

Or another thing: maybe just copy only the real name part
into the archives and skip the address at all (remember
it's ["]name["] <address>) ? So you only need to come
up with generated names for users who don't use a name
part in the from header. Couldn't this be a solution ?
Address harvesters can't find usefull addresses, while,
as usual, the people show their face (name). Or is there
any reason to put up a mask ?

> The votes tallied so far would dictate that the addresses be obfuscated on
> any public archive. I will seriously consider creating a public and
> private archive, but I'm not sure how I'd create a user list for it. Maybe
> something as simple as having an email-address as the access code and
> searching for it in the archives.

You need to secure all pages, not only some start pages.
Links can spread fast, and soon some spider will follow
the trail.


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