Mailing list archives? Questions...

From: Aaron Christopher Finney <>
Date: Mon Apr 3 10:45:17 2000

On Mon, 3 Apr 2000, Hans Franke wrote:

> Or another thing: maybe just copy only the real name part
> into the archives and skip the address at all (remember
> it's ["]name["] <address>) ? So you only need to come
> up with generated names for users who don't use a name
> part in the from header. Couldn't this be a solution ?
> Address harvesters can't find usefull addresses, while,
> as usual, the people show their face (name). Or is there
> any reason to put up a mask ?

The default spammode would list a header as such:

To: classiccmp_at_xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
      Subject: Re: Mailing list archives? Questions...
      From: "Hans Franke" <Hans.Franke_at_xxxxxxxxxxxx>
      Date: Mon, 3 Apr 2000 15:39:09 +1
      Organization: SIEMENS AG
      Reply-To: classiccmp_at_xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
      Sender: owner-classiccmp_at_xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

The individual still has his/her name attached, just no email address...

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