DEC hardware questions

From: Ethan Dicks <>
Date: Tue Apr 4 15:53:03 2000

--- Lawrence LeMay <> wrote:
> Can RK05's from a PDP11 system be used on a PDP8? Do i need to find
> special disk cartridges?

16-bit machines (PDP-11) use 12 sector cartridges. 12-bit machines (PDP-8)
use 16-sector cartridges. The difference is in how many saw cuts are made
in the aluminum rim on the bottom. While it is *theoretically* possible
to plug the wrong cuts and make new ones in the correct place, I am not
aware of anyone attempting this, let alone succeeding.

I myself have a quantity of 12-sector packs and 1 16-sector pack (formatted
for an RK05F) (and no RK8E)


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