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Date: Wed Apr 5 07:46:25 2000

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> Well, I'm still in the waiting catagory, but just found out how they made
> the iOpener "unhackable".
> According to they've snipped 4 of the pins on
> the IDE connector, epoxied in the BIOS, and updated the BIOS.

The pins are simply clipped off. So now some careful soldering is
required. No biggie. They apparently put epoxy on the back to make it
harder but thats minor at best.

The bios mod worries me, I may have to work out reflashing it. I still
havent gotten mine from CC YET! Since I bought 3/13 any TOS change is
bait and switch or breach of contract that existed at that time. The
TOS apparently changed between the 3/28 and 4/1.

> Also apparently they've put in a really ugly "Terms of Sale".

Yes, they are trying to make it like a cable box in that they are the
owner and your buying the service.

> Ugh, then I found this site.
> Simply put netpliance has done some ugly hacking on these themselves.
> Wonder if thier 'hack proofing' will shorten the systems lifespan.

They _may_ think it's unhackable, it still can be but those that fear
soldering tools or other gimicks used are out. For the hard core that
have hacked military and other confomal coated stuff, it's a minor
challenge. The TOS change is harder to get around but when the smoke
clears we'll get them for 39cents on the $1 at the going out of business
auction. I think a lot of bad press is all the will get now.

I'm considering canning the order, but I'd like something small like that
that isn't a laptop. We shall see.

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