uVAX II Questions

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Date: Wed Apr 5 09:29:06 2000

> CPU M7606 with propably 1 MB RAM
> (Onboard RAM=disconnected if other RAM is
> present ?)

only if ram exceeds 15mb (there is a 16mb max for KA630).

> RAM M7609 2x (Do they have standard amount)
> they are fully stucked with chips

Either 4mb or 8mb (for VMS 9mb is plenty)
> M7516 DEQLA or DEQNA ?
> (Has cable going to the AUI connector at the back)

Memory says DELQA, either will do DELQA is prefered. Need AUI to 10b2 or
10bT adaptor.

> M7555 Diskcontroller ? dunno type of controller
> but it connects to 2 * RD54a
> (via an intermediate board and cables)

RQDX3 MSCP controller. Useable for up to 4 RD series drives or 2 RD and 1

> M7546 Tapecontroller for TK50

Standard TK50 controller.

> Unkown ID.
> Board from Distributed Logic Corp with the following numbers:
> SQ703A , 706AQ0748 and on the rom: 45u / 92782 Rev j.
> It is connected to an EXABYTE 8200SX 8mm Tapedrive so
> it shoul be a SCSI-controller. The guy i got the uVAX from told me
> that I could change it to a SCSI-controller the could access SCSI-HD's
> rather than a EXABYTE tapedrive. But I should change some prom's
> on the card.

Soundslike it.
> TK50 1x
> EXABYTE 8200SX 1x
> RD54A 2x

RD54=159mb (enough for any VMS version), two is plenty of space.

Try and find a DZV-11 or DHV11 for it as that will give you some
additional buffered serial ports. Those are easily found Qbus cards and
should be cheap to free. The cab kits( connector plate and cables) are
harder to find but are easily hacked.

> Furthermore I would like to know how to connect a PC-terminal-emulator to
> the terminal
> connector at the back. It is a 9 pin D-type connector and a Baudrate switch
> next to it.
> Does it have a standard PC-like pinout? Do I connect with null-modem
> configuration ?

No, not PC. There are plenty of FAQs on that, checnk the NetBSD site for
some of them.

FYI: that port if for a console and is not reliable for high data rate
use (>4800 sustained data rate). They run fine for terminals at 9600.
also unless the break switch is set on the rear, the console port has
halt on break (it's caused people to wonder why the vax stops when the
tube is turned off!).

For interconnect use like for modem or modem emulator use one of the other
serial ports is available (DZV, DHV are buffered and run at higher
sustained rates).

Typical small printers for VAXen were LA100, LA75, LA5, LN03 with serial
interfaces and hung off a DHV or DZV port. If a bigger printer was used
a LP25/26/27 was interfaced using LPV11 dataproducts parallel.

I run two of them, like them alot. ;)

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