uVAX II Questions

From: Sipke de Wal <sipke_at_wxs.nl>
Date: Wed Apr 5 08:00:28 2000

I've just made my uVAX II accessable and opened it up to check what's inside
and would like some comments on what it contains.
I want to connect it by network or serial cable
to my network or a PC. It Should have bootable software installed.

These are the things I know but if any of you would like to elaborate feel

BA123 Box containing:

CPU M7606 with propably 1 MB RAM
                      (Onboard RAM=disconnected if other RAM is
                        present ?)

RAM M7609 2x (Do they have standard amount)
                      they are fully stucked with chips

M7516 DEQLA or DEQNA ?
             (Has cable going to the AUI connector at the back)

M7555 Diskcontroller ? dunno type of controller
              but it connects to 2 * RD54a
              (via an intermediate board and cables)

M7546 Tapecontroller for TK50

Unkown ID.
     Board from Distributed Logic Corp with the following numbers:
     SQ703A , 706AQ0748 and on the rom: 45u / 92782 Rev j.
     It is connected to an EXABYTE 8200SX 8mm Tapedrive so
     it shoul be a SCSI-controller. The guy i got the uVAX from told me
     that I could change it to a SCSI-controller the could access SCSI-HD's
     rather than a EXABYTE tapedrive. But I should change some prom's
     on the card.

TK50 1x
RD54A 2x

Furthermore I would like to know how to connect a PC-terminal-emulator to
the terminal
connector at the back. It is a 9 pin D-type connector and a Baudrate switch
next to it.
Does it have a standard PC-like pinout? Do I connect with null-modem
configuration ?

Sipke de Wal
Received on Wed Apr 05 2000 - 08:00:28 BST

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