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From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Wed Apr 5 16:23:11 2000

>> > Also apparently they've put in a really ugly "Terms of Sale".
>> Particularly ugly - if you don't use their $21.95 month net access
>> service for their required period of time, they'll charge you $499.
>> If they don't have your credit card number, they'll send you a bill.
>What if you buy one in a shop, and pay cash for it? Or do they insist on
>being told your name and address?

That's what concerns me. For example, I reserved one with Circuit City on
the 13th of March, put down $20, and since I was reserving it, they took
that info at that time.

Actually their new sales model strikes me as being the more sensible and
honest, *except* for the fact they appear to be trying to retrofit it to
units already order and/or sold (and I would think that is illegal). It's
actually what their policy *should* have been from the beginning, not after
they found themselves in deep trouble.

Basically they've blown it big time, and their stocks still sinking last I
looked (yesterday). As a result the most sensible thing would probably be
to forget about it for now, and wait till they show up on the surplus
market when the company goes under.

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