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From: Huw Davies <cchd_at_kerberos.davies.net.au>
Date: Thu Apr 6 05:13:13 2000

On Wed, 5 Apr 2000 healyzh_at_aracnet.com wrote:

> > If you want to dog somebody, the go after DEC, (God be thanked that they're
> > gone!) with their antiquated technology always a generation behind everyone
> > else and with their ridiculous prices.
> Um, you do know that's flame bait in this group, and Microslop roasting is a
> regular hobby here? Personally I'll willingly pay more if it means I've got
> stability.

I'm not going to comment as I'm biased (and employed by Compaq to support
things like OpenVMS).

> You know, I can't decide if that's a sad comment on the computer industry,
> or the United States.

No, it's not just the US. I've got a good friend earning about US$100
per hour doing VB programming here in good old Oz.

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