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Date: Thu Apr 6 00:30:45 2000

> I really can't understand what all the hostility toward Microsoft is about.
> If it weren't for the low prices resulting from the economy of scale, scale
> which is enabled by the fact that Microsoft made computers simple enough to
> use that the masses could and would use them.

Well, in my case it started when I discovered that the copy of Visual Basic
I bought wouldn't run under OS/2. This is DESPITE the fact that the box and
manuals said it would!

Then there is the issue of *stability*.

Then there is the issue of *illegal* business practices.

Then there is that question of innovation.

Someone mind explaining why if I install software on a Microsoft system or
make *very* minor changes I've got the reboot the _at_*& #$)@ thing?!?!

I could go on and on, but I think you get the picture.

> If you want to dog somebody, the go after DEC, (God be thanked that they're
> gone!) with their antiquated technology always a generation behind everyone
> else and with their ridiculous prices.

Um, you do know that's flame bait in this group, and Microslop roasting is a
regular hobby here? Personally I'll willingly pay more if it means I've got

> The only point I've seen in this thread that makes any sense at all is the
> one about Visual Basic. If your really want that 6-7 figure income, you'll
> learn it. I know at least half a dozen fellows who have taken that up.

You know, I can't decide if that's a sad comment on the computer industry,
or the United States.

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