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Date: Thu Apr 6 09:15:45 2000

> which is enabled by the fact that Microsoft made computers simple enough to
> use that the masses could and would use them.

If MS made cars it would be good to have AAA and a cell phone as youd use
it. ;)

> If you want to dog somebody, the go after DEC, (God be thanked that they're
> gone!) with their antiquated technology always a generation behind everyone
> else and with their ridiculous prices.

Yep, and the copy of VMS5.5 on my MVII I got used from DEC in 1993 is
still racking up hours... The 486 I got in 96, puked, the replacement
puked and the need to reinstall MS out numbers the times I've backed up
the VAX (typically monthly).

> twice. The oldest of the guys I know doing this is 35 and worth over $10^7
> net. Five years ago, he was begging me for work. How many guys do you know
> who have net savings of over a year's gross after only five years? That
> certainly indicates VB is not just a joke.

No, VB is a joke. That you can make money in goobs off it is not a joke.
It is sad however that programming skills have fallen to that level... of
course the last app I got here we prodded for two weeks before trashing it
as unacceptably buggy.

Oh, I maintain code here in VB, QB.45/dos and even GWBASIC. As a member
of STAB most of that stuff is pretty horrid and only exceeded by the most
cryptic of asm code. However being pragmatic person I know the stuff as
greed is good.

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