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From: Richard Erlacher <edick_at_idcomm.com>
Date: Wed Apr 5 23:20:25 2000

I really can't understand what all the hostility toward Microsoft is about.
If it weren't for the low prices resulting from the economy of scale, scale
which is enabled by the fact that Microsoft made computers simple enough to
use that the masses could and would use them.

If you want to dog somebody, the go after DEC, (God be thanked that they're
gone!) with their antiquated technology always a generation behind everyone
else and with their ridiculous prices.

If DEC had had their way you'd have to use a single flip=flop pair for which
they charged you 10^15 bucks per year and which broke twice a month so some
under-trained ignoramus could come around and pretend to fix the thing.
Then, if you had the unmitigated audacity to try to use some other vendor's
hardware or software, they'd raise hell and point down the wire if their
stuff didn't behave as claimed.

The only point I've seen in this thread that makes any sense at all is the
one about Visual Basic. If your really want that 6-7 figure income, you'll
learn it. I know at least half a dozen fellows who have taken that up.

Forget about the C++ or C or Delphi! These guys took 6 weeks to learn the
VB and now most of them have paid off their houses, cards, and credit cards
and vacation in Arruba in the winter and Alaska in the summer. at least
twice. The oldest of the guys I know doing this is 35 and worth over $10^7
net. Five years ago, he was begging me for work. How many guys do you know
who have net savings of over a year's gross after only five years? That
certainly indicates VB is not just a joke.


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> Huw Davies wrote:
> > I was at the Programming sectin of the local Computer Book store last
> > week, only to discover that "Programming" == Visual Basic, C on Windows
> > and that's about it.
> Don't you know, being able to write in Visual Basic is what all computer
> professionals aspire to! Rumor has it Windows 2000 was written in Visual
> Basic.
> > I wonder what I learnt at Uni should be called? I used to program in
> > (60 and 68), Pascal, BCPL, Simula-67 and BLISS-10... At least one of
> > is still current!
> OK, I give up. Which one? I'm not aware of Microsoft having any Windows
> software by those names, therefore they don't exist, and never did!
> Zane
> PS let me just say for the benefit of anyone new here, I'm joking folks!
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