Working on my NIC-80 / NIC-1080

From: Dwight Elvey <>
Date: Thu Apr 6 12:06:54 2000

John Foust <> wrote:
> At 05:49 PM 4/5/00 -0700, you wrote:
> > I've made a lot of progress on my old Nicolet machine
> >but I've come to a wall. I've found code to run the
> >original hard disk system ( called DEMON II ) but
> >I have a floppy based system and need DEMON/F.
> I've already given Sellam the e-mail address of a real person
> inside Nicolet who might know about these old systems. Why not
> send a polite e-mail to the support address on the Nicolet web
> page, and see what turns up?
> - John

Hi John
 Sellam has said that he has not gotten anywhere with
his correspondence with Nicolet. I've sent a message
to someone there also. I was told that these machines had been
retired and that it would cost $$$ to dig through the
archived material to find it. The reply was friendly
but it didn't give me much hope.
 The machine, that Sellam has, was in use until '96. This
gives me hope that someone may still be running on of
these someplace or at least have one stashed in the
storage room. I'm sure they were expensive so I don't think
anyone would just junk it unless it was broken.
 Sellam had acquired a box load of tapes that I have been
going through. It has all kinds of good stuff but
I have not seen a DEMON/F in it anywhere. I keep hoping.
I've found a few tapes stuck together( old rubber bands ).
Maybe it will show up. I've been reading the tapes and
cataloging them for Sellam.
 Once I have them on my PC I can easily load them into
the NIC-80.
 Anyway, it look like my best hope is for someone to
find one of these at some university. I guess this
is what historians must go through when trying to find
the real facts about history.
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