Working on my NIC-80 / NIC-1080

From: Ken Marshall <>
Date: Thu Apr 6 13:58:52 2000


> Anyway, it look like my best hope is for someone to
>find one of these at some university. I guess this
>is what historians must go through when trying to find
>the real facts about history.
Might I suggest posting what your looking for on the
sci.techniques.mag-resonance, sci.techniques.spectroscopy, and
sci.chem.analytical news groups. This would be the best way to find someone
that may still have an 80 or 1080 around that could help you out. I watch
these groups regularly, and have seen some Nicolet -related traffic in the

I have a Nicolet 660 system still in operation here controlling an FTIR
spectrometer, but it is a considerably later model and uses the NICOS
operating system. Unfortunately, I don't have any of the things that you
need. However, at one time they had a Nicolet NMR spectrometer at Rochester
Institute of Technology in the Chemistry Department that did use a 1080. I
will contact a colleague over there and see if they still have it or any
software sitting around. If that fails, I can try to contact Nicolet
myself- as a customer about to look at purchasing a new FTIR spectrometer,
I may have a bit of leverage.


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