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From: Richard Erlacher <edick_at_idcomm.com>
Date: Thu Apr 6 13:03:03 2000

Now, I've got a really simple LAN by comparison with most folks in this
arena (1 dual speed hub, one fast hub, one standard hub, and a coax
segment), but I've had no trouble with all three protocols operating
together (netbeui, tcp/ip, ipx/spx) though I think I've had better
performance since I removed netbeui.

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> > I do none of the above but my Win95 desktop intermittantly blows
> > chunks and drops ethernet IP connectivity. I've seen this less often
> > with Win98...
> NT4 is better still. However don't run netbuei (lanman) and IPX with IP
> or you have a meltdown. Getting W9x or NT to play well with a real
> unix/linux node is more fun.
> Try this for fun printserver qube running netbuei so a few W95C boxen need
> netbuei and IP... then the desktops start disappearing or rearranging
> themselves due to redmonds broken IP cossing up with netbuei. back to
> plain IP. gag!
> Allison
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