!Re: Nuke Redmond!

From: Carlos Murillo-Sanchez <cem14_at_cornell.edu>
Date: Thu Apr 6 13:13:08 2000

Richard Erlacher wrote:
> You can't blame Microsoft for allowing YOU to write buggy code. I've never
> been shown a case where it's impossible to write the code so it correctly
> because of a limitation on the language's interpreter or compiler. It may
> not help you do things the way you'd like, but I've never been shown a case
> where it forces you to write bug-infested code.

Dick: you obviously have not had to deal with nasty surprises in the
support libraries that microsoft provides. It is not that MS allows
you to write buggy code (you can do that on any platform :-) ), but
that their libraries or their code generators are flawed.
I remember fortran powerstation (what they came up with after
ms fortran 5.x). What a sack of bugs. Unfortunately, it was
the only thing capable of making dll32's out of fortran at the time.
I also vowed never to use any "C" from microsoft again for the
same reason. I still use Watcom C R11, which has the added advantage
that is more "unix-like". Too bad Watcom (a superior product) flopped
and all developers were forced to use VS C .

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