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From: Zane H. Healy <healyzh_at_aracnet.com>
Date: Thu Apr 6 13:59:49 2000

>> >If it weren't for the low prices resulting from the economy of scale,
>> >which is enabled by the fact that Microsoft made computers simple enough
>> >use that the masses could and would use them.
>There were plenty of other players on the scene. Just look at DEC. They
>wanted to make computers more costly, less convenient, less accessible.
>It's justice that they're history! They weren't alone in this and I expect
>some of the others, notably IBM, to go away eventually as well, though
>probably not as kindly as DEC went. They, at least, are working on bringing
>new technology to the market, rather than repainting the old stuff and
>trumpeting that the new color made it new technology.

OK, I can no longer resist commenting on this. WHERE IS MICROSOFT'S

Let's look at some of their programs through the years.

Basically a port of DEC BASIC

They bought a clone of CP/M

MS Windows:
Mac OS

MS Windows NT:
OS/2 and VMS (OK, so they did help develop this, but OS/2 was trash until
IBM took it over. Of course IBM blew it big time with OS/2.)

MS Windows 95:
Mac OS and NeXTstep (OK, the "System Properties" in the "Control Panels" is
the one mildly cool thing about this. I don't know if there is prior art
of any type for this.).

MS Explorer:
Netscape (I won't even credit them with having looked at Mosaic)

MS Window 98:
Bug fixes for '95 and bundled MS Explorer

MS Windows 2000:
Technologies bought from everywhere, just how much of OpenVMS have they
licensed/bought for this? I actually want to give it a try, but haven't
had the chance.

MS Word:
Various word processors

MS Excel:
Various spreadsheets

MS PowerPoint:
Harvard Graphics

MS Foxpro (is this still around):
They bought it

MS Access (isn't this the one that was a failed communications product):

MS Access (the DB):
Various Databases, it's got a rep for loosing data last I heard.

MSASM, MS Fortran, MS C, etc.:
Ports of existing stuff

MS Visual BASIC:
Now this one has bothered me for several years, did they buy the underlying
technology or copy something that already existed. I've a strange feeling
that this one was actual innovation!

There is other stuff, but I think that paints a fairly accurate picture of
their innovation!

Basically their innovation is in copying existing stuff, repackaging it,
and tricking people into thinking they've just come up with something new.

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