Sun Workstation SUCCESS!

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Date: Thu Apr 6 20:14:24 2000

I've repaired the machine to the degree and understand the operating
system to the degree I can "TELNET NETHER.NET" and log on to the free shell account server via ethernet. This is cool.

The default route for the sun box is which is an OS/2 Warp 3
machine on my intranet running INJOY (a NAT router) routing over a ansync
modem connection. Looks like a real route but isn't ;-)

Thought you all might like to know the project is progressing well.

The sun box in question is a Sun Sparcstation 330 with 48mb ram.

Thanks for everyone who helped. Especially:

    CHRIS Kennedy for sage advice and hooking me up with software I really
need -- legally no less!

    MICHAEL Lorenz for sage advice

    Aaron Finney for sage advice!

    Carlos Murillo for kind assistance

    Joe_at_instellistar for laughing at my 'nuke redmond' jokes

    Jeff Wyman fir moral support

    R. "bear" Stricklin for asking

    Chris B for loving me even if I do get hung up on a new machine

All of your help has been well appreciated and I hope to continue contact
with you all (especially Chrissy because we are to be married in Sept if
she doesn't mind a basement full of arcane computer gear)

Jeffrey S. Worley
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