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From: Ethan Dicks <ethan_dicks_at_yahoo.com>
Date: Thu Apr 6 15:31:21 2000

--- CLASSICCMP_at_trailing-edge.com wrote:
> >Does anybody know if it's possible to run an 11/70 without the MK11 memory
> >box ?
> Sure, get a MJ11 memory box (or, rather, 4 times as many MJ11's as you
> had MK11's) :-).

Umm... sure. _That's_ an improvement.

> There are several other third-party memory boxes/cards available too.

How many of these are floating around these days? Serious question, no
smiley. I have two PDP-11/70s, both with, I assume, MK11 boxes and am
interested in low-power alternatives for memory.
> Out of curiosity, why can't you use your MK11's? Not enough power to
> run them and the 11/70 at the same time? I had to take multiple 15A
> circuits to run my 11/70 with MJ11 memory boxes.

In _my_ case, power is the issue. I have a 60A circuit for the entire
outbuilding that houses my larger stuff, none of which is powered on
at the moment. I need to wire up a 30A Hubble Twist-n-lock outlet so
I can plug in either an 11/750 or an 11/70 out there, but once I do,
I'll be interested in firing up one of the beasts.

Just so I'm not making a serious assumtion here, an MK11 is the high-
density memory cabinet for the 11/70, right? What I have is an entire
H960 rack with one BA-11 that houses 16 256K boards (mess-o-4116 DRAMs)
and some incidental memory controller cards. Do I have what I think
I have?


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