Optimem 600 worm drives

From: Richard Erlacher <edick_at_idcomm.com>
Date: Fri Apr 7 11:19:05 2000

Well, you may think that Microsoft overcharges you, but hang onto your hat
when dealing with this guy!

It's not so bad, provided you have a written (not emailed) list of what's
supposed to be included with the product you think he's selling you and have
sent him a written P.O. that specifies the details as you understand them.
Also, it's best to ensure your drive is single-ended and not differential.
He often leaves such details out of a description. Now, I haven't had
dealings with him for several years, but I'd be careful nonetheless.

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> >BTW ... Be careful what you get into with that R.J. Kulman guy, and don't
> >buy anything the functionality, condition, completeness, and normal price
> >which is not precisely known to you. He's famous for selling things way
> >above retail when he can, and seldom has complete units.
> Thanks for looking, and they AFAIK are plain 50 pin narrow SCSI. The guy
> doesn't sound bad at all in comparison to Microsoft (sorry sorry, but it
> was fun saying it.).
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