Poll: Best *monochrome* laptop display

From: Doug Salot <doug_at_blinkenlights.com>
Date: Fri Apr 7 20:46:42 2000

On Fri, 7 Apr 2000, David Vohs wrote:

> What is, in your opinion, the best laptop with the best monochrome screen.
> If I was asked I'd definitely say the Macintosh Portable.
> I'd say this because this computer was one of the first to use active matrix
> screen technology. Do remember, in 1989 that was more or less new
> technology!

Best for what? The Mac had the first active matrix monochrome, but it
wasn't backlit until a later model. In 1982, the GRiD Compass had an
electroluminescent display that was just as bright and readable as a CRT.
Later models had gas plasma displays that were readable from miles away

Apple was *very* late to market with portables, and the Mac Portable was a
huge joke in 1989 due to its size. Well before 1989, there were already
handheld MS-DOS machines like the Poqet.

I guess my favorite monochrome laptops were those cool gas plasma
Sun-compatible Unix laptops from Tadpole and others.

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