Poll: Best *monochrome* laptop display

From: Paul Braun <nerdware_at_laidbak.com>
Date: Fri Apr 7 23:17:01 2000

That really should be split into two different categories, since
plasma and lcd's are two completely different animals. I've got a
Compaq Portable III with a nifty plasma display, along with a GRiD
386 tank that has one as well.

But, for LCD's, the Mac would be hard to beat. The screen on my
GRiD 2270 is nice, but not as crisp as the Mac's.

> On Fri, 7 Apr 2000, David Vohs wrote:
> > What is, in your opinion, the best laptop with the best monochrome
> > screen. If I was asked I'd definitely say the Macintosh Portable.
> >
> > I'd say this because this computer was one of the first to use active
> > matrix screen technology. Do remember, in 1989 that was more or less new
> > technology!
> Best for what? The Mac had the first active matrix monochrome, but it
> wasn't backlit until a later model. In 1982, the GRiD Compass had an
> electroluminescent display that was just as bright and readable as a CRT.
> Later models had gas plasma displays that were readable from miles away
> :-)
> Apple was *very* late to market with portables, and the Mac Portable was a
> huge joke in 1989 due to its size. Well before 1989, there were already
> handheld MS-DOS machines like the Poqet.
> I guess my favorite monochrome laptops were those cool gas plasma
> Sun-compatible Unix laptops from Tadpole and others.
> Cheers,
> Doug

Paul Braun
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