Nuke Redmond!

From: Mike Ford <>
Date: Sat Apr 8 00:06:12 2000

>I've heard that, too. Does that mean that anyone who writes a program to do
>what he's seen another program do is making a copy? You're not even sure he
>actually saw and read the source code. How many programmers do you know
>who'd simply copy someone else's work in a case like this? Everybody wants
>to leave his own mark.

Well personally I love hacking other peoples code, and that was my prefered
style at the time, find some code doing something similiar and "enhance"
it. Since then I learned all those good structured design type things, but
I find it funny that as I learn and adopt more of the object programming
model I return to my hacking roots.

Get the job done with a rev 0.1 hack, make your mark around rev 4.0 when
you do the rewrite to clean up the mess its grown to.

>> Apple was working on a version of BASIC for the Macintosh that would
>> resemble VB today in the late 80s/early 90s. Microsoft got wind of it and
>> threatened to cut their license to Microsoft BASIC for the APPLE II (still
>> amoney maker at the time) if Apple actually released the product. Apple
>> towed the line and what do you know---Microsoft produces this very
>> innovative product called Visual Basic shortly thereafter, but for
>... and now you'd like me to believe that MS knew this and copied it?
>Frankly, if I'd been in Billy's place, knowing that Apple had considered it
>would have scared me off.

Not copy it, they killed the project, then dropped support anyway.
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