OT: Need Sun Electric Corp product tech info.

From: Christian Fandt <cfandt_at_netsync.net>
Date: Sat Apr 8 14:48:38 2000

Yes, decidedly off topic but I intend for this msg to be the initial
contact for answers to my questions. This shall be discussed further
off-list, not here.

I hope there are one or more folks who read this who've worked on or at
least been around old time race cars which used Sun Tachometers and have an
answer to the following:

I'm trying to restore a Sun Tachometer Transmitter for a friend who's
furiously trying to finish his 1953-vintage Kurtis Kraft race car
restoration project before the upcoming AACA show season. It is a
magneto-type ignition system and he's found a used Transmitter. Model
number is EB37, MAGneto type and it is hung off a Ford Flathead V8.

There are two batteries mounted inside the unit, obviously because often
race cars with magneto ignition have no need of a battery whether it be 6V
or 12V. They _look_ like NiCd cells, maybe 600-800 mAh capacity, but I'm
not 100% sure. This unit is from back in the late 1950's and has a "1058"
rubber-stamped in orange ink on the back of the case - I suspect Oct, 1958.

Would anybody be able to confirm if these are indeed NiCd cells? Reason I'm
not sure is I haven't found when NiCd batteries actually came into use and
I believe they are a 60's invention, not 50's which this Sun unit evidently
dates to. If not NiCd, what are they?

Thanks for your time!

Regards, Chris
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