Dallas module battery replacement...

From: jpero_at_cgocable.net <(jpero_at_cgocable.net)>
Date: Sat Apr 8 10:29:31 2000


Heard of few getting into theirs to hook into a new battery when
the old battery expired.

Drilled short depth in 3 places hoping to find cavity within and
didn't find it. It is completely filled with epoxy to the brim. How
did one manage to expose theirs to get at the battery itself?

I have more and more coming of machines equipped with dallas
and it's clones. In fact, I have seen few go dead on pentium boards

Be thankful that now that most newer boards are using coin lithium
battery but still, there are useful machines out there with that
solid block of IC and dead battery, quartz in potted containers.

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