no chars on uVAX console

From: Sipke de Wal <>
Date: Sat Apr 8 14:33:56 2000

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Subject: no chars on uVAX console

> Is that the speed selected by the rotary switch on the console
> bulkhead?


I've removed all boards save the memory boards (2*M7609)
and the CPU (M7606-AA)

Now I get characters (XON/OFF = on) and the bootprocess continues
until char 3

I've tried to put some of the boards back but I am not sure if I have a

Het boards were arranged as follows

slot 1 ----------------M 7606------------------
slot 2 ----------------M 7609------------------
slot 3 ----------------M 7609------------------
slot 4 -----M7516-------- (empty)
slot 5 -----M7555-------- ------M7546------
slot 6 (empty) ---Dilog sq703a---

The uVAX used to contain a Serial concentrator or something
like it but that was removed, propably from one of the
empty slot positions.
I've gathered that the first 4 slots are different from the rest of
the BA123, those beeing true Qbus 22 slots.

 Should I rearrange the boards ? If so what do you suggest?

Sipke de Wal
Received on Sat Apr 08 2000 - 14:33:56 BST

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