Need Sun Electric Corp product tech info.

From: allisonp <>
Date: Sat Apr 8 14:31:26 2000

>I hope there are one or more folks who read this who've worked on or at
>least been around old time race cars which used Sun Tachometers and have an
>answer to the following:
>I'm trying to restore a Sun Tachometer Transmitter for a friend who's
>furiously trying to finish his 1953-vintage Kurtis Kraft race car
>restoration project before the upcoming AACA show season. It is a
>magneto-type ignition system and he's found a used Transmitter. Model
>number is EB37, MAGneto type and it is hung off a Ford Flathead V8.
>There are two batteries mounted inside the unit, obviously because often
>race cars with magneto ignition have no need of a battery whether it be 6V
>or 12V. They _look_ like NiCd cells, maybe 600-800 mAh capacity, but I'm
>not 100% sure. This unit is from back in the late 1950's and has a "1058"
>rubber-stamped in orange ink on the back of the case - I suspect Oct, 1958.

They are likely mercury cells, I used to have to find them for the tach(SUN)
in the crown Vicki my brother had. common was the 5.8V/250mah.

>Would anybody be able to confirm if these are indeed NiCd cells? Reason I'm
>not sure is I haven't found when NiCd batteries actually came into use and
>I believe they are a 60's invention, not 50's which this Sun unit evidently

Nicads are quite old. Though the common form on the 50s-60s was the wet
cells that looked like lead acid. They were also available as hermetic
(well sorta) then and not cheap.

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