installing OpenVMS

From: Carlos Murillo-Sanchez <>
Date: Sun Apr 9 15:39:24 2000

Hi Roger;

Thanks for your reply. Yes, the 1024*area+node was the first
thing I found in the online openVMS docs; I guess that my question
should have been : given that I want this machine to live in
a tcp/ip network and ocasionally have a uVax II boot from it
("MOP" server, right?), do I need to "define" a cluster? and,
in case the answer is affirmative, does than mean that I have
to make this machine host all or at least some of the required
DECnet services? (I guess, directory services and maybe some other

For the time being I supplied 1025 as SCSSYSTEMID and was able
to install OpenVMS, then I installed Decwindows Motif (after I
got the hang of the "volume:[dir.subdir]file" system, which
I had to figure out myself). In the process I learned
about "mount", about registering PAKs, about "autogen" and
"sysgen", about POLYCENTER (pcsi$source and stuff) and vmsinstal,
about why the "_at_" is needed in front of those files that end
in ".COM" :-) . I have also installed basic, DEC C, Fortran,
the extended math library and I am trying to resolve installation
issues with Decnet plus before I can go and install tcp/ip .
I have not made a backup yet, so I think that I should try
to do that first; I do have a TZ30 drive and a bunch of older
TK50 tapes. So in the next few days I have to figure out "backup".
I also need to learn to use EDIT; I was able to do a small test
file to test the fortran compiler (it worked), but I was stumbling
at every step... on the other hand, one week ago I knew nothing
about VMS. I still don't, of course, but I am losing the fear.

I am starting to like this 4000/60. It has the 8 plane/hi res
option, but only 16M of memory. I can't wait till I get tcp/ip
working so I can copy some of my fortran code and run some

Roger Ivie wrote:
> I haven't played with DECnet Plus, so I'm not aware of any requirements
> it may make on SCSSYSTEMID.
> SCSSYSTEMID is used to differentiate systems in a cluster. If you're not
> clustering your machine, you shouldn't have to worry about it too much.
> If you are in a cluster, the SCSSYTEMID needs to be related to the
> DECnet IV node number. Basically, SCSSYSTEMID = ( DECnet area * 1024 ) +
> DECnet node. So if you've told DECnet IV that you're node 51.10, you'll need
> to set SCSSYSTEMID to (51 * 1024) + 10 = 52234.

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