installing OpenVMS

From: Roger Ivie <>
Date: Mon Apr 10 11:19:12 2000

>Hi Roger;
>Thanks for your reply. Yes, the 1024*area+node was the first
>thing I found in the online openVMS docs; I guess that my question
>should have been : given that I want this machine to live in
>a tcp/ip network and ocasionally have a uVax II boot from it
>("MOP" server, right?), do I need to "define" a cluster?

No, you don't need to define a cluster just to boot a remote node. There are
a few commands you'll need to issue to NCP to enable it to boot a remote
node; I don't recall the commands offhand, but I can look into it.

What are you planning on running on the MicroVAX II? If you're going to
run VMS on it and boot it from the 4000/60, you will need to build a

> and,
>in case the answer is affirmative, does than mean that I have
>to make this machine host all or at least some of the required
>DECnet services? (I guess, directory services and maybe some other

I haven't the foggiest about DECnet Plus. I've always used
DECnet Phase IV.

>I am starting to like this 4000/60. It has the 8 plane/hi res
>option, but only 16M of memory. I can't wait till I get tcp/ip
>working so I can copy some of my fortran code and run some

The 4000/60 is one of my favorite machines. Mine only has the
8MB on the motherboard, though. I use it headless with a VT220 as
the console.

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