Nuke Redmond!

From: allisonp <>
Date: Sun Apr 9 15:20:59 2000

>being produced by M$ since Win'9x came along. Moreover, the level of
>documentation available for M$ operating systems is, quite simply, a JOKE!

Actually the documentation is good but also there is tons of it worse than
vax grey wall if you try to get it all in one place. Its also a hell of a
task to find
things you need among all of that.

>If, for example, IBM hadn't given in so easily with OS/2 we'd have had a
>much leaner, faster, RELIABLE OS running on our desktop systems years ago -
>not necessarily OS/2, but then it wouldn't be the crap we're stuck with now

I wonder... Linux is getting bigger by the day and the desktops for it do

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