Nuke Redmond!

From: Peter Pachla <>
Date: Mon Apr 10 20:47:48 2000


>>....Moreover, the level of documentation available for M$ operating
>>systems is, quite simply, a JOKE!
> Actually the documentation is good but also there is tons of it worse
>than the vax grey wall if you try to get it all in one place....

That's very interesting, both the local college and factory I worked at had
support contracts with M$ but we were unable to get much more information
than what comes in the "user guide" out of them.

I'd have killed for a "grey wall" back then!

> I wonder... Linux is getting bigger by the day and the desktops for it
>do add weight.

I must admit, I'm a little concerned with the way things are headed in the
Linux world right now. But then at least the underlying OS is lean and
stable and you can pare down your installation any way you want. My recent
Win2K test installation, OTOH, came in at well over 600Mb, and insisted on
installing piles of stuff which I neither want nor use (like the
accessibility options) with no way of uninstalling them....without going to
a LOT of trouble anyway.

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