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Date: Mon Apr 10 08:58:55 2000

> Unlike your generic PA-28 Cherokees and some others they WILL try and
> snap
> savagely if you try. I have chatted with some very startled Piper

I've found that is a good indicator of rigging. generally they snap soft.

Mine is a really puppy and the only way to get it to snap sharply is a
dirty accelerated stall near gross. Then again the I know the rigging
is good. It also rolls nice. ;)

> demonstration of this
> in a C150, which will try and snap-roll inverted if provoked in this
> manner.

It can and will be nasty if the washout is wrong.

> weren't working properly. (C150's have flaps like a garage door, and
> there is a distinct
> pitch down & deceleration when you crank them out.)

Yep! Keeps you sharp too. Flew PA28s, nice ride, lousy acro. ;)

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