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> > Unlike your generic PA-28 Cherokees and some others they WILL try
> > snap
> > savagely if you try. I have chatted with some very startled Piper
> I've found that is a good indicator of rigging. generally they snap

There is certainly a fairly wide variation between supposedly identical

> Mine is a real puppy and the only way to get it to snap sharply is a
> dirty accelerated stall near gross. Then again the I know the rigging
> is good. It also rolls nice. ;)

The one I learned in was reasonably old, and I did a reval in a really
old one some
years later. The somewhat newer one would snap pretty hard if stalled
under power in
a climbing turn and tried to use aileron, it was very tame as long as
you kept the aileron
neutral, and picked it up with a bootful of rudder. The older one would
snap quite savagely
in any sort of high wing load configuration, even when using the proper
technique. Both were
basic trainers, so it likely that the older one in particular had more
than it's share of heavy landings
and was perhaps a bit out of whack.

> > in a C150, which will try and snap-roll inverted if provoked in this
> > manner.
> It can and will be nasty if the washout is wrong.

Very. One of the guys I spoke too was literally chalk white when he got
out of the aircraft.
After years of flying a docile little Cherokee 140 he'd never
experienced either a stall related
snap or seen the effect of aileron on a dropped wing in a Cessna.

> > weren't working properly. (C150's have flaps like a garage door, and
> > there is a distinct
> > pitch down & deceleration when you crank them out.)
> Yep! Keeps you sharp too. Flew PA28s, nice ride, lousy acro. ;)

About sums it up. I did a Cherokee endorsement when I moved to Broken
Hill in the 70's, and all
they had was Cherokees, I used to fly a Cherokee Arrow
(PA28-180-Retractable) home on some weekends, it was a nice ride. But
the short field performance sucked and you can't taxi them through
gates up to a house. (Both very important in a bush aircraft in this
I did an endorsement on a Victa Airtourer (looks a bit like a 2 seat
AA5) locally (then - we sold the factory to New Zealand, then the Air
Force started buying them as trainers - figures). Nice little kite,
fully aerobatic, with a very serious roll rate, though a bit
underpowered (100) the RAAF variant, the Airtrainer, had a much bigger
engine. Unusual control setup, instead of dual's it had a single stick
with a spade grip in the middle of the cockpit and a central throttle.
Easy once you get used to it. Was a lot of fun to fly, I first learnt
how to spin in that, since spins are classed as an aerobatic manouevre
in this country - and a stock C150 isn't cleared for them - they teach
you how to recover from an INCIPIENT spin instead. Not sure I'm
comfortable with that, spins are very disconcerting the first couple of
times you encounter them, it should be a requirement.
I have more hours in C150's than anything else, I liked them a lot.
(First plane, first car, first computer, first love - they all seem to
be special)
One day when I am rich and famous (yeah, right) I'm going to buy me one.
I'd like the one I
learnt in if I can, last time I looked in a register VH-KQY was still
doing mustering on a station in Western Australia. Been there since 85.
At least it's still flying.....


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