Apple Mac (was: !Re: Nuke Redmond!)

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Date: Tue Apr 11 08:24:06 2000

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> > Maybe not quite as bad as TI, although that $150 "developers club" affair
> > is pretty close (at least to me, who was a starving college student at the
> > time).
> Apple gave the Inside Macintosh stuff to pretty much any University or
> College that wanted it.

In California, and maybe in the rest of the US, but definitly
not anywhere else.

> For comparison, how much did a DEC Orange Wall (TM) of VMS documentation
> cost in 1984? I seriously doubt that DEC gave it away, and suspect that
> the complete set was *much* more than $150, but I don't recall hearing
> the same degree of grumbling about it.

VMS wasn't exactly a personal system - also, it was no limitation
by DEC about buying additional copies etc.pp.

> IMAO, anyone who wanted to write Mac software in 1984 and didn't because
> of a supposed lack of technical documentation was simply not sufficiently
> motivated. The docs were widely available.

Well, if money is not a hurdle, I'm gulty. Put paying ~2000 USD for
a Mac and another ~2000 USD to be allowed to programm was more than
just a peanut for me back than. At this price I could get an A][ and
UCSD Pascal and all needed docu for less than 1/4th of this. And I
don't had to prove that I'm a worthy developer. It may have been
different in Ca. but over here, you where a pesant barly able to beg
for the favour to be a Mac developer.


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