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From: Peter Pachla <>
Date: Tue Apr 11 08:53:42 2000

Hi Tony,

> Well, the cutouts were for whatever you wanted to use them for,
>but that's one use that RML put it to.

You're right of course, my brain was operating in "PC" mode....

> Tandy used to sell service manuals for every piece of their computer
>....and could easily be order at any Tandy shop...

Many of the TRS-80 manuals were available until quite recently I understand.
Sadly (?) the Tandy stores here in Birmingham are all too often little more
than mobile phone/radio controlled car shops these days - don't even think
about asking for a catalogue....

> Heck, I even got a calculator from Tandy with a schematic in the back
>of the manual....

What really got me, was that they also printed the schematic on a sticky
label inside the back cover of my radio - needless to say it was so small as
to be unreadable. Full marks for trying though.

> Many manufacturers won't supply them at all for a number of totally
>bogus reasons. What it basically comes down to is protecting their
>service agents....

Quite. :-(

A friend an I once tried ordering a service manual from JVC for an HRD-725EK
VCR, I ended up digging one up at a rally and my friend ended up getting one
from Ferguson for their version of the machine. We did manage to get some
mechanical parts out of JVC though - eventually - which arrived with a
letter telling us in no uncertain terms that they would not deal with us
again and directing us to a service centre!

Nothing like good customer service is there....

  TTFN - Pete.

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