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From: Peter Pachla <>
Date: Tue Apr 11 09:34:02 2000


>> Interesting, does this then imply that there was a Teletext/Viewdata
>>compatible graphics adapter available for the 380Z?

> I don't think there was ever a true viewdata-compatible video card for
>the 380Z. I've certainly never seen one.

No, I've never heard of one either (hence the question).

Do you know what graphics adapters were available for the machine? I only
know of the 40-column VDU, the 40/80-column card and the Hi-Res option.

>> It's a nice system, not a PAL or an ASIC in sight....

> Yep, they emphasised that in the adverts. All standard chips and
>great for hardware hacking ;-).

That was exactly why I got it, in those days I was motivated enough to build
my own cards and the Interak was IMHO the best system for that.

I've never seen documentation as detailed as that provided by Greenbank for
any similar system....even the Microtan 65 I had didn't come close.

>>....I could do with a few prototyping cards for it.
> Aren't they just standard Eurocards?

Unfortunately no. The boards are Eurocard sized, but don't use the usual DIN
connector. Instead they have an edge connector etched onto the boards which
plug into matching connectors on the backplane.

I'm sure I read somewhere in the documentation that this was done mainly for
reasons of cost. It's just a shame they didn't give you the option of using
DIN connectors if desired....though I can imagine that would be awkward to
arrange at the backplane end of things.

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