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From: allisonp <>
Date: Tue Apr 11 17:48:09 2000

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From: Peter Pachla <>
> > Actually the documentation is good but also there is tons of it worse
> >than the vax grey wall if you try to get it all in one place....
>That's very interesting, both the local college and factory I worked at had
>support contracts with M$ but we were unable to get much more information
>than what comes in the "user guide" out of them.

Between technet Cdroms and microsoft press I have far more info about NT3.51
then I can possible use and yet I can't find what I need when (or
even around when) I need it. it's so convoluted and random as to be

The gray wall at least has a useful index and the structure for the gray is
the same as the orange before it. But then again you pay $3000 for VMS!

Then again I paid nearly that for NT4 and 50 clients... and got that horrid
0.250 inch thick thing the call a book and all the helpfines I can stand on

>I must admit, I'm a little concerned with the way things are headed in the
>Linux world right now. But then at least the underlying OS is lean and
>stable and you can pare down your installation any way you want. My recent
>Win2K test installation, OTOH, came in at well over 600Mb, and insisted on
>installing piles of stuff which I neither want nor use (like the
>accessibility options) with no way of uninstalling them....without going to
>a LOT of trouble anyway.

True, and all the bugs too! Thats why I went with NT4, it's finally mature.

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