Nuke Redmond!

From: Peter Pachla <>
Date: Mon Apr 17 16:20:23 2000


> Between technet Cdroms and microsoft press I have far more info
>about NT3.51 then I can possible use....
>'s so convoluted and random as to be useless.

I wonder why we never had access to this stuff at work, I'm sure it would've
been of some help.

As it was, whenever we had a problem with a system which we couldn't fix in
20 minutes or so we'd just format the hard drive and re-install windows from
scratch. :-(

>>....Win2K test installation, OTOH, came in at well over 600Mb....

> True, and all the bugs too! Thats why I went with NT4, it's finally

Yes, I'd be using NT4 myself except that I cannot run DVE (Vectrex emulator)
under it. I haven't tried it under Win2K Professional yet, but I'm none too

One thing I will say about Win2K is that it seems to be far more stable than
any other M$ OS on my hardware thus far. NT4 was giving me memory faults
when running OE5, Win95 is flaky at best and Win98 wouldn't run for more
than 4 or 5 minutes without "freezing" up completely. Sigh.

  TTFN - Pete.

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