Lubing Shugart 800,801's?

From: Joe <>
Date: Thu Apr 13 14:05:47 2000


   I have used spray carburator cleaner for cleaning dried up grease off of
HP floppy drives. You might give it a try. Be carefull, it will dissolve
some plastics.


At 12:53 PM 4/13/00 -0400, you wrote:
>I've been sorting through a large pile of Shugart 800's and 801's here,
>and many of them have goo on the head stepper lead screw. It looks
>like white lithium grease, undoubtedly put there by a previous owner
>or all-thumbs tech, as the Shugart manuals say (section 3.3):
> Do not lubricate the SA800/801; oil will allow dust and dirt to
> accumulate.
>However the goo got there on the leadscrew, it's so thick now that it's
>quite difficult to turn it - not only is the stepper motor not up to the
>job, I can barely turn it by hand in some cases.
>I have found that "Liquid Wrench" (yes, that stuff you get at the auto
>parts store) does a pretty good job of at least softening the goo
>enough so that I can actually run the drive through diagnostics,
>but eventually the solvents evaporate and I'm left with thick goo. Is
>there an easy way to clean this goo off without completely disassembling
>the stepper motor/leadscrew assembly and doing the subsequent realignment?
>I can go in and do a half-assed job of cleaning the goo off the threads
>with Q-tips and skewers, but there's really a lot there and this doesn't
>get it all.
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