Lubing Shugart 800,801's?

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Date: Thu Apr 13 11:53:01 2000

I've been sorting through a large pile of Shugart 800's and 801's here,
and many of them have goo on the head stepper lead screw. It looks
like white lithium grease, undoubtedly put there by a previous owner
or all-thumbs tech, as the Shugart manuals say (section 3.3):

  Do not lubricate the SA800/801; oil will allow dust and dirt to

However the goo got there on the leadscrew, it's so thick now that it's
quite difficult to turn it - not only is the stepper motor not up to the
job, I can barely turn it by hand in some cases.

I have found that "Liquid Wrench" (yes, that stuff you get at the auto
parts store) does a pretty good job of at least softening the goo temporarily,
enough so that I can actually run the drive through diagnostics,
but eventually the solvents evaporate and I'm left with thick goo. Is
there an easy way to clean this goo off without completely disassembling
the stepper motor/leadscrew assembly and doing the subsequent realignment?
I can go in and do a half-assed job of cleaning the goo off the threads
with Q-tips and skewers, but there's really a lot there and this doesn't
get it all.

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