CPU upgrades, pt. II

From: allisonp <allisonp_at_world.std.com>
Date: Sat Apr 15 10:39:46 2000

>>> As my internal network progresses this box has value as I have a SMC
>>> NIC for it. I figure OS/2 warp V3 or Win3.1 would be a good os for it.
>>> Being 286 there are few unix based OSs with a networking that run well
>>>>> on it.

>>the only version of OS2 that will work on the mod50 is 1.3. any OS2

>>with built in windows support requires 386 or higher. you can put in

I checked, V3 wants 386 or higher.... ok, I have a box for that.

I do have win 3.0 and 3.1 with 286 support in hand those I have lanman
and windows networking support.

FYI: the NT4 Server disks have client drivers and networking support for
DOS, WIN3.x, OS/2 and w9x. Lanman and TCP/ip.

>>memory cards to goto max supported mem of 16meg. plus, the hard drive has
>>bus attachment with only 160meg size being the biggest i've seen.

Disk is not problem as I have a 120 mb drive, enough for this use.

>I'm not sure, but I suspect that getting any kind of networking for
>OS/2 V1.3 is going to be difficult. IIRC, it doesn't come with networking

No plan to run OS/2-v1.3 don't have it either.

>Warp 3 was the last version I ran, and I don't remember it having any
>networking software either.

It does if you have the bonus pak. I also have the NT4 clients kit for OS/2

I'd still like to bump it up to 2MB if possible.

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