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From: Mike <>
Date: Sat Apr 15 11:51:13 2000

>> 4. I'm need a mouse and monitor cable for a VaxStation 3100.
>Well, I run mine with a VT420 for a head. Shoot, most of my Alpha's don't
>even have Monitors attached to them, and NONE of the VAXen do.
> Zane

Zane, thanks for the info and suggestions. You talked me into leaving the
uVax2 alone with its Ultrix... And I'm not sure about the HSC-70, but it
came in as part of the 11/44 when it was scrapped.

So, does anyone have any extra Dec Modified Modular Jacks (MMJ's) for the
console port or the odd SCSI cables for the VaxStation 3100 or know where
they can be found?

- Mike:
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