CPU upgrades, pt. II

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Date: Sat Apr 15 19:45:27 2000


> Heres a PS2/50z question.
> Mine only has 1meg, looks like 72pin simm but none I have seem work.
> All of them happen to be 8x32 (16chip).
> There is only one SIMM socket. What is the limit for ram (max)?
> Where can I get something bigger than 1mb?

All PS/2's insists on parity only of specific sizes and speeds. Find
512K x 36 faster than 80ns and check the detectation pins is set
for 2MB, 85ns otherwise solder time, peter's, and ohlandl's
websites has the info you need to check against.

2MB max on planar, 16MB total using 16bit MCA memory
expansion card or two.

> As my internal network progresses this box has value as I have a SMC 10bt
> NIC for it. I figure OS/2 warp V3 or Win3.1 would be a good os for it.
> Being 286 there are few unix based OSs with a networking that run well on
> it.

Look for a 486SLC2 upgrade module by IBM (best) to plug into over
the 286 socket.

Honestly, I rather go for Model 70-Axx or 80-Axx (tower), 90 if one slaps on 3.11
or OS/2 3.x. I have got 70-Axx and 90, perfect boxes for that
OSes applications yours just described.

> Allison

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